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Time • Convenience • Money


The post WWII housing boom created the need for an alternative to conventional "stick-built" construction. From this increased demand, the modular building method of construction was borne.


Today, both commercial and residential buildings are manufactured indoors at facilities using an "assembly line" method of construction. This method of construction enables workers to be more productive thereby lowering labor costs and speeding up completion. Additionally, in this setting, there is no lost time due to inclement weather, damaged materials from being stored outside, or from theft/vandalism. Costs are further reduced since the modular building manufacturers make bulk purchases of name brand building materials enabling them to attain favorable pricing.


Save Time

The modular building method of construction allows site preparation to take place concurrently with the production of the module(s). While the foundation work is being completed, we will make arrangements to transport the building to the site. Once the modules arrive, we quickly assemble the modules and finish the building. Once assembled, final utility connections can commence. Your time-savings with modular construction could be months!












Save Hassles

Off-site prefabricated building construction can be much less disruptive to your business. Everything is fabricated at the manufacturing facility and delivered to your site where our workers finish the job. Modular buildings are built for ease of assembly, meaning many jobs are completed over a weekend. Less mud, less distraction, less hassle, enabling a smooth transition.


Save Money

Think of the cost of capital. Because portable building construction compresses your building schedule you can put your building to work and begin to profit from it so much faster than with old style construction! And, because of the efficiencies of modular building construction, your building should cost substantially less. Plus, because most modular buildings can be leased, funding for your new building can be drawn from your operating budget without long-term commitments.


Fast Track Construction

Some projects can be completed from inception to occupancy in as little as 45-60 days. Buildings are manufactured and inspected during site preparation to save time, money, and to facilitate faster occupancy.Our services include design, permitting, site preparation, on-site construction supervision, interior/exterior finishing and landscaping.


Financial Flexibility

We have the financial ability to offer three methods for securing your new building - outright purchase, finance lease (lease to own), or operating lease (pay for the use of the building for a predetermined length of time - usually a minimum term of 30 months).

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